I'm a Full Stack Web Developer in New York, New York. I'm looking for opportunities where I can make an impact through planning, problem solving, and writing software.

React | Redux | Node.js | Express.js | JavaScript | Python


Sprout Fitness website
Sprout Fitness
Frontend - HTML/CSS/React

Built remotely in a team of 6 developers, Sprout Fitness helps Health Coaches connect to clients.


  • Product landing page
  • Login page
  • Signup pages
  • Team page
  • Account Profile page
MentorMe website
Frontend - HTML/CSS

Mentor Me helps students find mentors across various industries.


  • Product landing page
  • Responsiveness
Sprout Fitness website
Water My Plant
Backend - Node/Express

Water My Plant is a web app that allows users to keep track of when they last watered their plants and when they would next need to water their plants.


  • Backend developer
  • Created Register Endpoint
  • Setup Heroku
  • Designed Database Schema
  • Automated Unit Test

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